Standard rooms

Standard rooms
in the Hotel

Our furniture allows the following designs in the units shown on the floor plans and marked with letters:

Standard room options: 50-95 euro/room/night.

Twin room (1-2 person) F,. G, H, M, S, 22, V, W, X. (50-70 euro/ night)
Double bed room (1-2 person) M, P, R, S, 22, V, W, (50-70 euro/ night)
Extra bed (1-2-3 person) : M. (55-95 euro/ night)
Room + 20 sq. terrace (2 person) : S, V. (55-75 euro/ night)

Hotel main data

The Boutique Hotel is located in South Buda, 15 minutes from the city center, in the XXII. district, in the homeland of champagne, next to Törley Castle and Törley Hungarikum Museum.

Our hotel is quiet and elegant, in name of the Boutique Hotel, it’s quite homey as well.

The landscaped large 6500 m2 plot on which it is located is bordered by a forest.

If required, our guests can find public transport and a grocery store within 100 meters.

The Savoya Park shopping center, the OBI DIY shop, and the Aldi grocery store is located 500 meters from our hotel.

Nearby is the Campona Shopping Center with the Tropicarium.

We provide a closed, paved parking lot for our guests arriving by car.

There are four suites, twelve kitchenette apartments and eleven rooms all year round for our guests who are on their way to spend their free time or come to events.

All our rooms have a private bathroom, hair dryer, Hitachi led tv, cooling-heating air conditioning.

In the lobby of our 24-hour reception, three tables with chairs and a large semicircular sofa allows our guests to comfortably meet friends. Here there is a refrigerator, coffee machine, hot and cold water machine for the convenience of our guests,

For a rich breakfast, we provide meals prepared in our own kitchen and a separate restaurant.

The hotel, which of three floors has no lift, it can only be reached by stairs.

Why choose us?

More than 100 closed car parks for both cars and buses

Accessible room for disabled guests

24-hour reception

Location 15 minutes from downtown

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