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Louis François, a champagne master from Reims, France, was lured to Hungary by champagne maker József Törley and after four years of fruitful cooperation he became independent in 1886 and in the meantime founded his own champagne factory under the name Louis François et Co. Budafok with his brother César, who also settled down in Budafok.

Back in that year, a total of 7,243 bottles of champagne were manifactured. This began the spectacular development of the plant created by Philipe François, son of the champagne master from the Montigny champagne factory in Champagne, which contributed greatly to the development and recognition of the production of champagne in Budafok.

The story of François and Törley continues in 1982, when, on the 100th anniversary of the Törley champagne factory, the name was purchased from the family and the original cellars were renovated. The François champagne factory, which has always been sensitive to quality, has since made only the highest quality champagnes from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes from its own plantation in the Etyek-Buda wine region. The brand also pays special attention during development and production to offer champagnes that perfectly match the domestic taste world.

In 2016, our company purchased the former Francois Great Hall and the Zsolnay Hall connected to it, as well as the adjoining 1000 m2 vaulted cellar, and the additional buildings with the associated 6500 m2 site.

The property was built from huge blocks of limestone by hand, in accordance with the 19th century constructions.

The complete reconstruction of the Event Center in the center of Budafok downtown lasted from 2017 to the present day.

We have created an event center on the 6500 m2 site, which is now landscaped, with four function rooms, a hotel, a kitchen equipped with a large industrial machine park, bars, a garden, a 1000 m2 outdoor happiness gate, event venue and with more than 100 paved parking lots.