Event rooms


Event rooms

A total of four separate halls and the rooms serving them have been set up at our event venue. The rooms are complemented by a landscaped gravel-paved outdoor venue with a built-in Happiness-Gate. These can accommodate four separate events for 200-90-95-95 people at a time, with planted furniture, but it is also possible to comfortably hold two larger events in parallel, up to 200 people in the Francois Studio and up to 280 people in our combined Dry-Sec-DoRai rooms.

Any of our back halls (approx. 30 meters walk) can function as a Catering hinterland or just as a dance floor for the Ballroom events which can be increased by 100 sqm of planted area and thus can accommodate more than 250 people in one airspace. This solution also guarantees a calm conversation for guests who doesn’t want to dance.

The lower part of our largest level-shifted double room is the 300 sqm Francois room, named after the famous French champagne master Louis Francois from the 19th century (a detailed description at the beginning of our website) The 130 sqm Zsolnay hall with an authentic, large bar counter is connected to this room six steps higher. The two rooms are in the same space. Utilization of the Zsolnay hall is possible in several ways within an event, it can be a buffet, a stage, a dance hall, a standing service or even a supplement to the Great Hall with seats. In the rooms which were built 110 years ago, the walls were covered with handmade Zsolnay tiles on many hundreds of square meters. These have been restored during the reconstruction, preserving the authentic atmosphere of the site.

Between the two parts, a gigantic, hand-forged, double-arched grid gate quotes the past.

Between the double Great Hall and our three other halls is a 30-50 m. distance which must be bridged on foot.

At the entrance of the double room there is a 250 sqm garden and a designated smoking area.

These rooms – one by one – have a floor area of 120-130-150 m2, with an internal height of 4 meters and an arched design. In the foreground there is a well, older than 100 years, a separate bar, a cloakroom, and the opportunity of buffet carpentry.

Our rooms essentially change only in their decoration, these were named after the name of dry champagne in different languages – Dry (English) Sec (French) DoRai (Japanese).

Dry room

The Dry Room is “where time stands still” and its function is to accommodate events for 80-95 people on 120 square meters.

Sec room

The Sec Hall points the way to infinity and is an ideal venue for events of 80-90 people on 130 square meters.

DoRai room

The curiosity of the Dorai Hall is the wine box collection. This room is also optimal for holding events of around 100 people on 150 square meters.