Outdoor location

Everything in one place!


Church and civic wedding on site!

On a 6,500-square-foot site, we created a more than 1,000-square-foot landscaped site for civil ceremonies with a gate of happiness. This area is suitable for holding ceremonies in front of up to 500 guests.

There is no more ideal venue for outdoor ceremonies than the Outdoor Happiness Gate of our Event Center.

The outdoor venue can be used on its own if you just and exclusively want to hold the ceremony on site.

Church and Civil ceremonies can take place with us at the same time, all the conditions are in place for the smooth running.

A pastor and registrar also attend the civil and church ceremony and record the declaration of the intent to marry, establish the marriage, and record the fact of the marriage in the marriage registry. To do this, the territorially competent registrar (with the permission of the clerk) will appear, based on the registration in the couple’s personal office.

If you don’t want to have a church ceremony, only a civil ceremony, it can be conducted on the spot by the registrar, there is no obstacle to that either.